Outcome of June 2021 Council Meeting

Public Domain Plan (including Havilah Underpass) – Councillors asked for a site inspection to better understand the issues. Matter deferred to July or August.

Killara Bowling Club and Lawn Tennis Club – Council to work towards heritage listing the site.

Mona Vale Road – Council to ask the State Government what can be done to improve cyclist safety.

St Ives Showground – Council to ask the State Government to investigate measures to make the entry / exit on Mona Vale Road safer. Measures to be investigated may include traffic lights and a reduced speed limit.

Local Character Background Study – Document amended to reflect community feedback and adopted. Indicative timeline of next steps to be provided to councillors.

Roseville RSL – Majority of councillors voted to adopt site specific development controls for the site to allow for seven storey apartments.

Confidential Item: Land Acquisition for Open Space and Public Roads and Divestment of Surplus Council Land – Majority of councillors voted to support the staff recommendation. I voted against this because I don’t like voting in relation to the sale of assets when members of the public don’t know which public assets we are talking about.

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