Net Zero Champions

Ku-ring-gai Council is searching for residents to become Net Zero Champions, people who are willing to promote good practice in the community. In a recent webinar it was mentioned that:

📈 Perhaps the most effective way for each of us to make an impact is to ensure that our superannuation is invested in ethical options. In the local government sector, I know for example that Active Super is committed to sustainable investments while delivering good returns.

🥕🥦🌽 Other participants were of the view that vegetarianism was the best way to reduce our impact, noting the immense amount of water and emissions that go into meat production. While this is true (and probably good for our health), the presenter admitted that it may be a practice that is difficult for most people to adopt.

🌲🌳🌴 There was a lot of talk about solar and batteries at home, but personally I feel that even more important is the careful selection and placement of trees.

For more information, watch the recording of our information session.

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